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How you can help


We need your ongoing support to ensure every animal gets the support and treatment they need. Make a donation and you will make a difference - help us contribute to a cause and pave the way for a better tomorrow.

We can’t do it without you!


Even if you can’t adopt a pet just now, you can help Changing Lives at Carrington by volunteering your time. This could be caring for our animals, doing jobs around the centre or providing us with your skills or services.


For example a local multinational petfood company recently supported us on our website and branding. Get in touch today to discuss how you could help.

Here at Changing Lives we are looking for businesses who would be interested in sponsoring us to prolong our work in saving animals lives. At present we are running on the back burner and without any formal grants or sponsorship we are in dire need of sponsors to allow us to continue the work we do. 

We can cater to individual businesses with tailored packages including advertisements on social media, merch, uniforms, plaques and general promotion of your business.



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