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Changing Lives At Carrington

Inspiring Impactful Change

We do individual pod or animal sponsorship which includes a thank you letter a certificate of sponsorship and a framed photo and a detailed email about where your donations have gone to! 


The price for this one is a monthly £15 per pod. 


We also do our bronze silver and gold scheme which includes:

(One-off sponsorships)

Bronze: £100 - Towards our vet bills spread over all of the animals we have in, in return you would get a certificate of thanks, a detailed email of what your sponsorship has helped us with, and a picture of some of our animals!


Silver: £200 - Same as bronze and including a shout-out over our social media reaching 6.3k and growing followers!


Gold: £300 - Same as silver and a personal meet and greet for your staff advertisement on our website for the month and a special gift from us!


Every penny helps and if you’d prefer a more personalised sponsorship platform please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We can cater to individual businesses with tailored packages including advertisements on social media, merch, uniforms, plaques, and general promotion of your business. For more information please call 07507404006.



Sponsor us

Can you sponsor us monthly via direct debit?

If you can spare as much or as little as possible monthly this will all go straight to our animal fund for vet bills, equipment, food, litter and much more!

Bank - Co-op


Account number: 65890734

Sort Code: 08-92-99


Head to our PayPal in the link below!

Join us in making a real difference.

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