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Choose how to help

  • Food Favourite

    Every month
    Buys a box of food for a month.
    • A box of wet food.
  • Basic Care

    Every month
    2 boxes of food or a month of flea/worm treatment.
    • Covers two boxes of food or a full month of protection again
  • Dry Food Funder

    Every month
    Large bag of kitten/adult dry food.
    • Keeps our cats well-fed with a large bag of dry food.
  • Full Care Kit

    Every month
    Feed, flea worm, microchip & litter for 1 month
    • Covers a month's essentials: food, pest treatments & more
  • Medic Buddy

    Every month
    Antibiotics/painkillers for sick cats/rabbits
    • Directly funds essential medications for our ailing animals
  • Cat Neuter

    Every month
    Neuters a cat
    • Funds the neutering for a cat, ensuring better health
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