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See our press and media stories. We are very lucky to have had various media outlets help us on our journey to change the lives of so many small animals at Changing Lives at Carrington.


Messenger Newspaper

A RESCUE centre in Carrington is appealing for help after an influx of animals in need.

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Manchester World

Animal rescue Changing Lives at Carrington has been hit by soaring vets’ bills as more pets come through the doors needing care with owners struggling to afford to look after them.

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Manchester Evening News

Unwanted pets dumped in bags in the street as struggling shelter boss reveals death threats from owners

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News for Trafford

Changing Lives is currently looking after 56 cats (three of which are pregnant), 17 rabbits, six guinea pigs, five rats, five African land snails and five dogs – many of which have needed urgent vet treatment.

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Your good cat magazine

Your Cat Good Causes helps provide a safe haven for traumatised cats in care

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